Project Management for Azure DevOps

Meet Bob*.
Bob is a Full Stack Developer.  Bob takes pride in his work. Bob manages his work items on the train.  Bob completed Pull Requests while using the toilet.  Bob manages his Google Tasks and check his AppFigures data on the go.
Do you want to be like Bob? 

Bob uses DevOps Manager. You should too.

* While Bob is a functional character created for the sole purpose in telling you about our app, he does have feelings. For every second that goes past without you downloading our app Bob gets sad++.

Now for the serious introduction:

DevOps Manager provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage your DevOps projects wherever you like (we wont judge! Honest!)
Unlike the other apps on the store we are updated regularlyish (sorry), in the future an update will be released at least every two months (hopefully more frequently).
We support full Pull Request Management, for the times you just need to merge something.
Create, Edit and View work items. Make them all happy by linking them together, how else are their relationships supposed to form? You can even give them pointers, or simply put created work items can be linked with each other, comments can be added.
We are always listening, correction, We listen whenever you create a user voice or vote on one. Almost all features added in this app were requested by you!
Thank you for helping make the app better. Keep your feedback coming.
Did someone say Free trial? That's right, you can experience 7 days of heaven** before spending a single penny.

**We cannot guarantee heaven of any sort will be experienced.

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