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Manage your Azure DevOps Projects

Manage your Azure DevOps (formally VSTS) projects, including work items, start builds, view git information.

Supports all modern devices.
Assign work to team members
View, Create and Edit work items
Constantly being updated - Major update coming soon

Latest Updates

Apr 18, 2018

Version 1.1

Fixes an issue with the app crashing if the token expires. It will now get a new token if it needs to.

May 11, 2018

Version 1.2

This version adds a number of style and usability improvements.

You can now filter work items by team or area path.

May 14, 2018

Version 1.2.2

**Now supports personal Microsoft accounts**
Fixed an issue with the app crashing when editing work items.
Changed authentication method from adal to oauth
Fixed an issue with oauth -> you will need to log in again.

Sep 13, 2018

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 is largely a visual update
What's New:

- Rebranded to DevOps manager
- New Logo
- Now feature unique colours for projects

What's Fixed:

- When signing in for the first time it will now redirect to the correct page
- Added a loading screen when loading tokens
- Trying a new way of handling work items which should stop the work items screen crashing. If it does - we will roll out this method throughout the entire app.

Coming in version 2:

- More Git/Code screens
- Links to AppCenter
- Links to AppFigures
- Support for Local Installations
- Ability to have multiple accounts connected
- Many more to be announced soon

Feb 13, 2019

Version 2.0 - Android and iOS

What's new:

- Brand new design
- Ability to delete projects
- User voice added (vote on and suggest new features)
- User voice also shows what I am currently working on
- Can now link work items together (even if from another project)
- Linked work items can now be viewed in the app
- Links to work items in comments no open in the app
- Search bar added to all work item screen
- You can now easily see all work items assigned to you
- Easily view work items for area paths
- Support for all work item type (excl. Test Case)
- Now supports all fields for all work items (excl. Test Case)
- Dedicated Pages (with unique theming) for each work item type
- Support for multiple accounts logged into the app (up to 4, found in nav drawer)
- Individual Area Path screens
- Redesigned overview page
- Can now create repositories within the app
- Open externally button now appear at every stage
- Added support button to the navigation drawer
- Added support for Multi-Tasking on iPad's
- Partial Pull Request Management

What's Fixed

- Accounts with enforced 2fa can now log in as expected
- Sites with more than 100 projects now show all projects as expected
- Fixed issues causing the app to crash when viewing work items
- The app now refreshes tokens anytime an action is undertaken, this means the app is less likely to crash due to not have a valid token

What's Next:

- Full Pull Request Management support
- Support for Test Cases
- Integrations
- You decide (use the user voice section of the app)

June 2019

Version 3.0

This version is the first to include our new design language (also found on our Setups for Racing Games app).

What's New:

- Refined and modern design
- Brand new Logo
- New home screen 
- Integrations with your favourite services*
- You no longer need to select a site to start, the app defaults to your first site (can be changed)
- New Dark Theme
- You can now create and link a work item in one go
- Work item filters
- Quick overview Modal Sheet for work items
- Better diagnostics for users who can't log in

What's Fixed

- Issues which may have caused some users to not login

These apps intergrate with, but are not affiliated with, Microsoft Azure DevOps and any other systems/services we intergrate with.
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